7 AI tools I tried and advise you to try because they are very useful


AI tools

You may already know ChatGPT, but in addition there are other very useful AI tools that can help you save a lot of time on a daily basis.

7 AI tools I tried and advise you to recognize because they are very useful

Artificial intelligence has enabled some tasks that previously required advanced technical knowledge, such as video editing or images, to be at your fingertips, in many cases as long as you pay for a subscription. Although many are generous and allow free experiences, this can help you achieve what you’re looking for. In this case, although the list is very diverse, most of these tools aim to edit photos and videos or create automatic subtitles in almost any language. However, there are also some things that help create and scale businesses from the beginning.

One of the most useful tools on this list is RecCloud, which mostly targets video. In this case, I asked him to automatically create English subtitles for a video on how to read WhatsApp messages without knowing your contact.

7 AI tools I tried and advise you to recognize because they are very useful Reccloud

As you can see, the subtitles it offers are not those that are usually found, and although you will have to review them manually, it saves a great time when translating your videos into other languages.

If you want to create videos using artificial intelligence or smart avatars, this site may be a very good option.

7 AI tools I tried and advise you to recognize because they are very useful Akool

For example, you can create any kind of video and make the character say what you want, and you can add other options to it like the most traditional options in the video editing section.

It is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create content on social networks, using different templates – and even custom videos – and many options. In my case, I ordered posts for this content.

7 AI tools I tried and advise you to recognize because they are very useful Predis

Thus, I have offered 3 options, one of which includes a video that collects why you should use AI tools to do different routine tasks and, in short, save yourself some time. It’s one of the latest tools and has surprised me with pleasure.

Inita is not aimed at the general public, but at people who have decided to start a business. From there, AI will help you run your entire business, from online payments for your services to social media posts and marketing. It has a 14-day free trial, and unlike the other tools on this list you will have to pay after this time, making it a tool you will have to try to see if it offers you anything positive and then decide whether to pay or not.

In this case, Magic Studio allows you to remove objects, people or text from photos; Create images to enhance your business, remove and change backgrounds with others, and even create graphics thanks to artificial intelligence. In short, tools of all kinds that benefit from artificial intelligence.

7 AI tools I tried and advise you to recognize because they are very useful MagicStudio

This AI tool allows the use of 10,000 free words in a version using the GPT 3.5 model; Although you can upgrade via payment to GPT 4. Its goal is to advise you to improve your content in search engines like Google.

Many tools have benefited from the great development of artificial intelligence to provide CV templates, with the aim that creating a CV does not require technical knowledge in editing.

From the website itself, you can link your LinkedIn profile directly to make it easier to create your CV. It’s as obvious as answering questions you’ll be asked about your education, career path, skills and achievements.

But you can also face typical questions for a job interview or review your CV using AI, to improve those points that may be weak.

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