7 AI Amazing Things Samsung Galaxy Can Do

Jan 18, 2024 | NEWS, AI, GOOGLE

NEW GALAXY S24 AI features

The age of artificial intelligence still has a lot to show us, and big companies know it. That’s why Samsung didn’t miss the opportunity to launch the Galaxy S24 series to also announce its own artificial intelligence called Galaxy AI. If you want to know all the functions this AI offers you, don’t stop reading.

galaxy s24.7 Amazing Things Samsung's New Artificial Intelligence Galaxy AI Can Do

We all know the most famous types of AI like ChatGPT and Bard for example, which are very good for tasks like writing a fairy tale or creating a puppy photo on the moon. Although these things are very impressive, Samsung has stated that Galaxy AI will be a real everyday tool and really useful.

As such, the South Korean company plans to show the world how the power of artificial intelligence can be used in everyday tasks, and to significantly improve our performance in these tasks. We will talk to you below in more depth about the different functions of this AI.

  • Create a search circle, a tool to improve and accelerate Internet searches

The “search circle” option represents a significant improvement in the way you usually search online. Suppose you watch a video on TikTok and see something that catches your eye, but you have no idea how to search for information about this object online, which is why this feature exists.

7 Amazing Things Samsungs New Artificial Intelligence Galaxy AI Can Do2

Get quick results for everything on your screen right now using AI-powered research. This function will also be available for Google Pixels and will likely reach more phones over time.

  • Live translation, an AI function that translates calls in real time

Thanks to Samsung and the power of artificial intelligence, language barrier will not be a problem for many. With the help of Live Translate or live translation, you can translate a call directly, i.e. if the other person speaks to you in another language that is not your language, they will be listened to by your mobile phone, processed and translated to you immediately. This certainly sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but thanks to Galaxy AI it’s made possible.

7 Amazing Things Samsungs New Artificial Intelligence Galaxy AI Can Do3
  • Chat Assist, translate your texts and improve your grammar

While it is true that the translation function already exists on the Gboard keyboard for a long time, it is worth noting that the Chat Assist service moves this to another level. Using this useful tool from Galaxy AI, you will not only get translation of your messages, but you can also get grammar corrections and text tweaks to change the tone depending on what you want to transfer with your message.

7 Amazing Things Samsungs New Artificial Intelligence Galaxy AI Can Do4
  • Interpreter mode, talk to anyone and use your mobile phone as an interpreter.

It is worth noting that Galaxy AI also has the function of Interpreter Mode or Interpreter Mode, which is nothing more than a real-time translation tool. This can be used if you face someone else who doesn’t speak the same language face to face. Interpretation applications already exist a few years ago, but through the presence of artificial intelligence the results are expected to be better and more reality-matching.

  • Transcript Assist, copy and summarize any voice note

Let’s say you’re in a meeting and you need to remember everything they say, so you record a voice for the whole meeting, and with the help of Transcript Assist you can copy this recording and you can get a summary and specific details of the content from the recording.

7 Amazing Things Samsungs New Artificial Intelligence Galaxy AI Can Do5
  • Photo editing and enhancement using Galaxy AI Gallery

The AI of the new Galaxy S 24 has a lot to offer its users regarding photo editing. Galaxy AI has many editing options that help you improve your photos if they are hazy, remove things you don’t like from the photo, and can complete, refine, or completely change backgrounds. If you like, you can also allow AI to decide for itself what the image needs to improve and apply changes it sees relevant.

  • Custom notes, custom wallpapers and summary webpages

Galaxy AI also has Note Assist, an option that allows you to analyze and organize your feedback, create templates and even casings for each individual note. Moreover, Samsung’s AI also gives you an option to create your own backgrounds based on a claim you make, so you can have a unique background designed in your style.

7 Amazing Things Samsungs New Artificial Intelligence Galaxy AI Can Do6

Another feature in Galaxy AI that attracts a lot of attention is its ability to summarize entire web pages in seconds, so you don’t have to read a full article to understand it.

That’s all now with our article on what Galaxy AI is and all its features. It is now known that this AI will only be available for the new generation of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 mobile phones, but it is likely that its functions will begin to reach other branded devices over time.

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