Innovative AI Methods for Eye Disease Detection

Feb 23, 2024 | NEWS, AI

AI for EYE diseases

New AI-Based Software Developed in Russia for Diagnosing Eye Diseases and Visual Impairments

Innovative AI Methods for Eye Disease Detection

(AI for EYE diseases

According to experts at Russia’s Don Technical University, the artificial intelligence trained by Russian manufacturers can now diagnose a variety of eye diseases such as cataracts, cataracts, eyes equal age-related wrinkles and cataracts

Mikhail Schordock, the project’s software designer, detailed the process: Doctors upload retinal images captured by a camera, and AI software quickly previews and analyzes the images in seconds in small amounts, allowing for early diagnosis

Built with the modular VGG-19 architecture, the software achieves an impressive accuracy of up to 95% in recognizing images.

The goals of the developers are to further improve the software’s functionality and capabilities, to expand its ability to detect other diseases, and to store the images for future use.

(AI for EYE diseases)

Is AI Set to Supplant Doctors?

Amidst the flurry of technological advances, an urgent study arises: Will AI eventually make human workers obsolete? Preliminary studies have emerged, comparing the work of healthcare professionals to the corresponding work of AI technology.

Currently, the consensus is that AI has the potential to simplify and enhance physicians’ responsibilities across ranks. The developers of this technology, as well as AI users, emphasize that they do not intend to eliminate the need for healthcare professionals but rather to enhance their productivity the goal of AI technology is not to replace these professionals will be included.

AI for EYE diseases

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