Ai PIN was officially introduced.. New Future Phone

Feb 3, 2024 | NEWS, AI


After weeks of rumors and leaks, Humane has just officially introduced the first device to fall into the so-called invisible technology, which is designed so that users can interact with various models of artificial intelligence, including ChatGPT, without the need for mobile phone screens and apps or other traditional interfaces.

Ai PIN was officially introduced.. New Future Phone

This is the Ai PIN, a small device that consists of two parts, a square main body where it holds key items, and a magnetically attached battery that allows users to wear it over clothing and other supports.The device will first go on sale in the US for $699. Pre-orders begin on November 16 and deliveries will begin early next year..

We should also add Humane subscription fees to the price indicated, as a mobile phone number and coverage are offered for $24 per month through the T-Mobile network.

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Ai PIN will be powered by a Snapdragon processor that has not yet been publicly identified and will have its own operating system called Cosmos, which will be responsible for redirecting requests to appropriate AI models.

The device itself will not effectively listen to users’ needs, so there will be no word or activation phrase. Instead, they should manually activate it through its touchpad to create voice requests later.


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In practice, AI Pin will be able to manage tasks and summarize incoming emails, allow real-time translations, and show the nutritional value of a plate of food (The device has its own 13-megapixel camera and a small laser projector) and few other things right now, although the company hopes to be able to expand its capabilities, as in the future it will allow web browsing and online purchases.

Since it can’t be otherwise, Humane is also preparing to launch tools for developers that will allow further integration in the future. Right now, we don’t know how far users will be able to abandon existing phones versus a device that acts as an assistant.

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