Apple’s AirPods Max 2: Pre-announcement Leaks

Feb 23, 2024 | NEWS, APPLE

Leaked information regarding Apple’s anticipated AirPods Max 2 has surfaced on certain internet websites. 

Apple's AirPods Max 2: Pre-announcement Leaks

According to McRomers, a reliable source for Apple product leaks, the highly anticipated new speaker is set to debut this year. It’s speculated that the speaker will feature a USBC shipping outlet, aligning with Apple’s transition away from Lightning outlets in its mobile devices.

Additionally, the new speaker is expected to boast Bluetooth 5.3 technology, seen in recent Apple devices like the iPhone 15, Apple Watch 9, and iPods Pro 2. These advancements offer enhanced energy efficiency compared to previous Bluetooth iterations.

While Apple hasn’t officially disclosed specific details or color options for the speaker, leaks suggest it will come in classic colors: white, black, red, pink, and blue.

Anticipated features include integration of H2 processors, similar to those in the AiBuds Pro 2 headphones. This incorporation is expected to deliver superior external noise isolation and support for spatial sound technologies, ensuring seamless compatibility with the latest Apple mobile devices.

When Can We Expect the AirPods Max 2 to Launch?

Since their debut on December 15, 2020, the AirPods Max have garnered attention for their premium quality. Unlike the predictable release patterns of flagship products like the iPhone and Apple Watch, the AirPods don’t adhere to a strict timeline, making it challenging to predict the arrival of the AirPods Max 2. However, with Apple’s recent shift of its top-tier AirPods Pro 2 to the H2 chipset featuring access to Apple’s Adaptive Audio suite, it’s reasonable to anticipate an update soon. The current model is beginning to show signs of aging, suggesting that an upgrade could be on the horizon.

What Will be the Price of AirPods Max 2?

Regarding rumors about the price of AirPods Max 2, details remain scarce.

The original AirPods Max were priced at $549, but whether the sequel will maintain this price point is uncertain. Despite occasional discounts in the best headphone deals, AirPods Max remain significantly costlier than many leading alternatives such as the Sony WH-1000XM5 and the latest Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones. Considering this, it’s prudent not to expect a substantial price reduction for the AirPods Max 2.

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