Best linux distro for gaming

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4 Best Linux Distro For Gaming

Linux distributions began to experience a paradigm shift in their programming history, where they became not only servers, database management and networking… It has also become a competition in the gaming world, where many distributions have emerged that have been running games that we have always played on Windows distributions.

Also, linux operating systems have great flexibility and performance even with weak devices, even if we encounter some software errors that are challenged and corrected. This is what made developers build distributions that support better quality to play games, and in this article dear follower we will inform you of the most impressive distributions and still popular to the limit of the hour.

Best linux distro for gaming

Steam OS is one of the systems developed by Valve Corp, one of Linux’s strongest and most popular gaming distributions. Being a Steam developer sums up the system’s power to run games. It can run games in Steam’s store. The system is based on Debian 8 base with Gnome graphic interface. Steam OS operating system supports many graphics cards and control arms gaming keyboards for tariffs where this point was the biggest inconvenience. Also, even if the computer does not support any of the tariffs available on Steam Os, you can purely Google and carry the package and be sure that you will find it available and will work with you easily.

If you are a fan of Steam and have a computer with the right requirements to run games, Steam OS will undoubtedly be your best choice.

Best linux distro for gaming Steam OS

Batocera linux is an impressive Linux distribution especially if you are a fan of old games. You can play old games that were available on the platform (Atari, Super Nintendo, SEGA, Dreamcast) Yes, we will not deny the remarkable footprint that old games have left or to transfer Golden Generation games, especially Edda you had memories with him and you did not agree to play it here you can upload and play it on this distribution and already batocera linux distribution will be the best in running old games.

Best linux distro for gaming Batocera

With recent updates the Fedora Games spin operating system has become one of the most powerful systems that can run games that run on Windows. But before you start installing this distribution you should take into account that it initially does not support simulators to run Windows software on it as Wine and PlayOnLinux but you can download it from the Internet and track it and in return you will not encounter any problems such as software errors faced by users for heterogeneous distributions. That is, Fedora Games Spin’s distribution solved such software problems related to the operating system.

Best linux distro for gaming Fedora

The most popular distribution among gaming enthusiasts on the computer. Ubuntu’s distribution has been modified to become a powerful engine distribution for playing games including large games, stating that it has fixed many software errors related to the operating system especially the errors that encounter running Wine software specializing in running Windows software on Linux systems and is now ready and competing for Windows to run games. This distribution is built with Unity graphic interface, also the distribution contains a large number of definitions in relation to the control panels and the shields of play.

Best linux distro for gaming Ubuntu

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