Challenges in Fable Development: Forzatech Engine Struggles

Feb 18, 2024 | NEWS, GAMES

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The journey of bringing Playground Games’ highly anticipated Fable Game to life seems to have hit a roadblock, with development hurdles linked to the Forzatech engine. Reports suggest that despite encountering challenges, the studio remains committed to forging ahead with Forzatech, albeit with some adjustments.

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Challenges in Fable Development: Forzatech Engine Struggles


According to insights shared by Gaz, founder of the Game On Daily news site and a regular guest on Colteastwood’s XNC podcast, Fable’s development is facing setbacks due to compatibility issues with the Forzatech engine. Gaz revealed on the latest episode of the podcast that the game’s scope is being scaled down as the team grapples with these challenges.

The primary concern appears to stem from the disparity between the gameplay mechanics envisioned for Fable and the capabilities of Forzatech. Given Forzatech’s roots in powering racing games, adapting it to support the complexities of a modern RPG presents significant hurdles. Gaz noted that Playground Games, known for their work on the Forza Horizon series, lacks the requisite experience in implementing RPG mechanics within an open-world setting.

In response to these challenges, Playground Games is actively seeking to bolster its team with developers proficient in RPG mechanics. This strategic hiring initiative aims to augment the studio’s capabilities and address the unique demands of the Fable project.

While concerns may arise about the game’s progress, Gaz reassures fans that Fable’s release is still a considerable distance away. This sentiment is echoed by the studio’s substantial number of job openings, including several key directorial roles, as listed on Playground Games’ careers page. With approximately 74 positions yet to be filled, it’s evident that Fable’s development timeline extends beyond immediate expectations.

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Challenges in Fable Development- Forzatech Engine Struggles

Despite encountering obstacles, the development journey of Fable continues, albeit with adjustments and strategic recruitment efforts. As Playground Games navigates the complexities of adapting Forzatech to suit Fable’s needs, fans can rest assured that the studio remains dedicated to delivering an exceptional gaming experience. Stay tuned for further updates on Fable’s development as the team progresses towards bringing this highly anticipated RPG to fruition.

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