5 protection apps every Android phone must have it.

Jan 10, 2024 | NEWS, SECURITY


Cybersecurity is already a prerequisite in your mobile phone. Now that society is virtually virtual, criminals have had to reinvent themselves and become smart to use the Internet.

5 protection apps every Android phone must have it.


With this, thousands of other dangerous viruses and programs have emerged that can hurt you. From damaging your mobile phone to stealing information to stealing valuables. It does not mean that many of the applications that users often use on their smartphones have weak or questionable security measures.

That’s why it’s important to have apps next to you that protect you. Not only is any antiviral, knowing that some can infect your device with malware, but the most reliable and secure. Here you will know the five best apps to protect your Android phone without paying anything.

– Avast Security

The company behind Avast Security is widely known in the cybersecurity world for many years in this field. They have always been distinguished by antivirus software and anti-espionage software on computers. Currently they already have similar versions for mobile phones. One of their biggest attractions, regardless of offering effective jobs, is that they are generally free programs.


5 protection apps every Android phone must have it.

For Android, this particular app can improve the security and privacy of your mobile phone. It comes with additional features, as well as being antiviral, such as the ability to block apps, inform you if some of your passwords are leaked while browsing, as well as hide images you consider private within the device.

– Duo Mobile

Many people lazy using authentication apps as they prolong the time it takes to log into their accounts. However, these are important tools to preserve privacy and prevent anyone from accessing and benefiting from your accounts.

Duo Mobile is the best option in the long list of existing authentication applications, simply because of its reputation and speed. It was developed by Cisco Systems (the world’s leading networking and communications company), with the aim of giving its users a comfortable and secure experience.

5 protection apps every Android phone must have it.


This app is very intuitive and easy to use. All you have to do is download it on your mobile and add all the accounts you want to protect. From here, whenever they log in (no matter which device), you will receive a notification and you can agree or refuse access to any of your accounts with one click.

It can also help you recover your accounts in extreme cases. Many like Duo Mobile is one of those apps that doesn’t enter your mobile to ask for hundreds of permissions and also respect user privacy. In addition to the fact that it is one of the few who can boast that they have never violated privacy since they appeared on mobile phones.

– Dashlane

Since password-free authentication feels like a distant dream, although it promises to, the old system for inserting a tangle of numbers, symbols and letters will still be the best way to prevent other people from accessing your accounts. For this reason, it is important to take protective measures such as not placing the same password on all your accounts, and changing it regularly.

5 protection apps every Android phone must have it.4

Now this can be a problem. If you don’t remember it, you risk confusion and may lose access. For cases like this, password managers are available. Dashlane is one of the best and most used applications.

The reason is that this application is very strict when it comes to complying with regulations and always maintaining security procedures. You will be able to store all your passwords in your Dashlane account and then log in quickly whenever you want, without worrying about leaks. Only the original user will be able to enter the app to see their saved passwords.

– Orbot

Another app that will help you is Orbot. This app comes from Tor Project, a project that has created a protocol responsible for encrypting traffic and sending it to different random contracts so that the original is hard to find.

5 protection apps every Android phone must have it.5

Orbot is an application belonging to this project and what it basically does is connect to the Tor network. This way, it will be difficult for hackers to track traffic coming out of your network. Among its other facilities is allowing you to connect to the Internet using VPN, which in the case of controlled countries is a valuable tool for accessing sites that are usually banned.

– Fing

To stay safe, it’s also important not to access dangerous networks that don’t look too safe. This happens a lot when you leave the house or travel to other places, where you find all kinds of internet connections without really knowing where they came from.

Fing is responsible for doing all the analysis of nearby networks and tells you which is safer. In the same way, you can use it as a way to assess the performance of your WiFi connection at home, where its analysis also includes showing how many devices are connected to the network and even conducting a speed test.

5 protection apps every Android phone must have it.6

If there are negative details worth mentioning, it is that although the app is free, it collects information. It shares it anonymously with other companies, ensuring that your identity is not exposed to anyone.