Instagram develops feature that lets you track friends’ locations

Feb 27, 2024 | NEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA


Instagram Track Location

Instagram has evolved its “Friends Map” feature, a Meta spokesperson confirmed after reverse engineer Alessandro Baluzzi first spotted the feature.

Instagram develops feature that lets you track friends' locations

Instagram Track Location

A subscription feature similar to Snapchat’s Snap Map allows users to see friends’ locations in real time.

The platform says the feature is an internal prototype and not tested externally.

If Instagram decides to officially launch the “Friends Map”, it means reproducing another common feature of Snapchat, after reproducing the story feature in 2016.

The Instagram feature is similar to Apple’s Find My map feature that lets users know where friends and family are currently. (Instagram Track Location)

With this new feature, Instagram gives its users another reason to spend more time on its app, and spend less time on other companies’ services.

Instagram also has an opportunity to attract people who were fans of the Zenly social mapping app, which Snapchat acquired and then closed last year.

Instagram Track Location

According to the screenshots, Instagram’s “Friends Map” feature allows users to choose who can see the site.

Screenshots also indicate that location data may be end-to-end encrypted.

You can choose to share your site with followers who follow you, a list of “close friends” or not share the site with anyone.

The map also contains Ghost Mode, an option that will hide your last active location.

The “Friends Map” feature allows users to leave short messages or feedback across the map for other people to see.

Instagram’s feedback promises an SMS page that appears at the top of the DM feed.

If Instagram rolls out the “Friends Map” feature, it means that users have the option to post these notes across the map.

Feedback on the map can be used to do things, such as notifying your friends about a pop-up store you’ve come across or a new restaurant where you’re currently dining.

This news comes as Instagram improves in-app mapping.

In late 2022, the platform provided a searchable map experience that allows users to explore famous locations around them and filter site results by specific categories, such as restaurants and cafes.

(Instagram Track Location)

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