Launch of EA Sports FC Mobile 2024.. Download it for free for your phone and start playing

Jan 7, 2024 | GAMES, NEWS

A new era has begun in EA’s famous mobile football game, with FIFA Mobile giving way to EA Sports FC Mobile. This transition will be carried out through an update that will change the game’s entire shape and appearance. The update will bring with it a range of new features, designed to improve the overall gaming experience.

Launch of EA Sports FC Mobile 2024.. Download it for free for your phone and start playing

In addition, fans can expect to list updated teams, player rankings and kits. With the launch of EA Sports FC Mobile, excitement has become undeniable, and many are eager to play it. And then, we’ll take a look at the details.

EA Sports FC Mobile has been released for all mobile devices supported (Android and iOS). If you already have the previous version of the game on your mobile device, here’s good news: just update the game to the current, you won’t need to download anything new, and everything you already had will remain the same.

This new version of EA Sports FC Mobile brings with it a number of important changes compared to the previous version of the game. In addition to improving controls, new content has been added in the form of new players, along with their official licenses. Here are some notable figures:

– More than 15,000 players.

– Official licenses for 650 teams.

– More than 30 leagues, including Champions League, Premier League, Laga, EA Sports, Bundesliga, and many more.

To get the new EA Sports FC Mobile app, you must go to app stores, whether Google Play or App Store, and download them on your mobile device. It is important to note that due to launch, servers are likely saturated, which can cause some problems when downloading the app.

If your device is incompatible and you cannot update the game, you have the option to migrate your account and apply to a new device to continue playing. However, before making this migration, it is important to link your account to Facebook, Apple ID or Google Play to ensure you have a backup of your account. Once you switch to a compatible new device, simply log in to transfer your progress in the game.

– Link: Google Play and App Store