Microsoft is integrating ChatGPT AI into Notepad for Windows

Jan 11, 2024 | NEWS, AI, MICROSOFT

Microsoft has set itself the goal of integrating artificial intelligence throughout its ecosystem and into all its original applications. This is something we saw in the classic painter application that ensured that images could be generated with artificial intelligence. But now it’s the role of the notepad.

GPT access Notepad notepad in Windows OS.. That's all you can do with AI.

A classic Windows notepad that enables you to write text quickly and without having to do much format will soon add artificial intelligence. Specifically, Microsoft is testing functionality using GPT by updating Windows 11. A plan that already shows different references.

As shown in Windows Last, in the package folder of this software, various references to ChatGPT were found with files such as “Cowritrditreditlimitdialog,” “Cowriterdropdownbutton,” “CowriterWaitListList functions that would form an artificial intra-Dialog.”

The integration of ChatGPT within this tool will allow the creation of content directly from the app with the “credits” system. This is, in order to use the text generating system, they will have to “tokens” which will be consumed with each prompt provided.

Other references specifically refer to the list of interactions with AI will be in the right part of the notepad program. But on all this, we will have to wait the next few days to enable testing for all developers before their official launch.


GPT access Notepad notepad in Windows OS. Thats all you can do with AI.2

With this integration of AI it will be possible to modify the text written within the notepad in terms of length, tone, format and instructions. Different versions of the created text (up to four) are added to choose the version you like most.

Specifically, screenshots show how text can be rewritten in the app, but also make it shorter, longer, tone change or format. That is, if we have a very casual text, artificial intelligence will be able to formalize it to make it more formal.