Mubert AI: Unique Music for Your Projects, Free from Copyright Restrictions

Feb 18, 2024 | NEWS, AI

Mubert AI is an online platform leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to generate music and audio free from copyright restrictions. The concept revolves around providing users with downloadable materials suitable for various content types, including audio videos, podcasts, and more.

Mubert AI is an innovative platform that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) to produce original, copyright-free music and audio content. This platform stands out for its ability to generate music in real-time based on user preferences and specifications. Users can access Mubert AI to obtain music for various purposes, including audio videos, podcasts, and other creative projects, without worrying about copyright issues. The platform’s AI technology ensures that the generated music is both high-quality and entirely unique, offering users a convenient solution for their content creation needs.

Mubert AI: Unique Music for Your Projects, Free from Copyright Restrictions


Discover how to use Mubert AI to effortlessly create original music for videos, podcasts, and online content. Explore subscription plans, including a free option, and unleash your creativity today!

Are you ready to elevate your content with captivating music?

Here’s how to use Mubert AI:

1.Sign up on the Mubert AI website to access the exclusive library of created songs. Registration is essential for downloading your unique compositions.

2.Select the type of song you wish to create and let our advanced AI technology take it from there. Within just one to two minutes, your brand-new song will be ready to download.

Mubert AI’s revolutionary artificial intelligence has been meticulously trained on over 1 million music samples curated by more than 4 real artists. This rigorous process ensures that every song generated is not only of exceptional quality but also entirely original.

Why Choose Mubert AI?

  • Video Audio: Enhance your YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other video content with original audio clips crafted by Mubert AI.

  • Podcasts: Elevate your podcasts with custom background music or sound effects created effortlessly using Mubert AI.

  • Online Content: Seamlessly integrate captivating music into your websites, e-commerce platforms, and various online content projects.

Subscription Plans:

Mubert AI offers three flexible subscription plans tailored to your needs:

1.Ambassador’s Plan: Free for personal use, with daily music creation up to 30 minutes and download allowance of up to 25 audio segments per month.

2.Builder’s Plan: Priced at $14 per month, offering up to two hours of music creation and download access to 500 audio clips.

3.Professional Plan: Available at $39 per month, providing unlimited music creation capabilities for your business projects.

Experience the simplicity and intuitiveness of music creation with Mubert AI. Choose your style, set the mood, select your preferred genre, and specify the duration of your soundtrack—all with just a few clicks. The free version offers comprehensive features, perfect for most users unless you require extensive song creation capabilities.

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