Oura Ring. Smart Ring for Fitness, Stress, Sleep & Health

Feb 4, 2024 | NEWS, AI

Oura Ring

Using wearables to improve our health can be a revolution in personal care; We’re not just talking about smart watches. Other wearable devices, such as smart rings, are able to take care of our health better, and the ability to monitor important data with as little inconvenience as possible.

Oura Ring. Smart Ring for Fitness, Stress, Sleep & Health.

This has become possible thanks to the development of new AI-based technologies and algorithms. The most popular brand in this new sector is Oura Ring, although other competitors like Samsung also set up their own ring.

However, Oura remains the standard in terms of smart features, as evidenced by today’s latest update, which adds a new measure to the official application: “flexibility,” in other words, “our ability to withstand psychological pressure.” Although this may not seem to be the case, it may be the most important yet.

The vast majority of modern smart watches are already able to measure user pressure level; They do this by measuring heart rate fluctuation (HRV), i.e. how consistent our heart rhythm is. When we are relaxed or resting, it is normal for our heart to accelerate or slow down from time to time, but if we are nervous (or if we exercise) it starts to get a steady rhythm. Clocks can detect this change, and indicate whether we are nervous or not; But that’s not very useful if we don’t know why we’re nervous.

The solution Oura integrated into the Oura Ring 3 focuses on using more data, for longer, comparing it to other moments and even those of other users, to see when we become nervous, and what the reason is. For example, in addition to recording stress throughout the day, the Oura app associated with the ring will also give us results of “night recovery” and “daily recovery.” The first information will tell us whether sleep helped us get rid of stress, or whether sleep problems affect us; The second will tell us whether we relax enough throughout the day to avoid tension.

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In this way, we can make changes in our daily lives, with the help of a new function that will tell us why we have not recovered adequately from stress. It will also tell us whether we have a good balance between the hard days and the rest days we recover, or whether our social life may affect our health; For example, Oura says it has discovered that its users experience more stress on Fridays and Saturdays, due to increased activity, and that alcohol significantly increases the average number of minutes of stress per day.

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