Rabbit R1 will replace your smartphone thanks to AI

Feb 3, 2024 | NEWS, AI, APPLE, GOOGLE

Rabbit R1

Rabbit R1 wants to put an end to the smartphone. This is not the first time, and it will not be the last time we see a company announce that mobile phone days have become numbered. The rise of artificial intelligence has made companies increasingly confident that they can end the era of smartphones once and for all, but reality is much more complicated.

Rabbit R1 will replace your smartphone thanks to AI

What is Rabbit R1?

It’s an AI-powered companion device. The company behind this product is Rabbit Inc, and under the CES exhibition in Las Vegas 2024, it was possible to learn in detail about the plans it has for this device that aims to embody artificial intelligence.

Inside this device, which is similar in size to a wireless headphone case, there is an operating system powered by the AI model. Rabbit OS and Rabbit LAM are key to how Rabbit r1 works.

Created from scratch and not based on any kind of rule like Android, this is one of Rabbit Inc’s greatest achievements. Rabbit LAM is integrated as a model capable of representing and translating physical interactions into virtual ones.

Rabbit LAM is trained to be able to interact with different application interfaces to perform tasks. This means that when it comes to implementing an action, Rabbit r1 will be able to do so thanks to the fact that AI knows all the steps needed to implement it.

When interacting with the device, this can be done using a 2.88 inch screen or using your voice thanks to built-in speakers and microphones. AI will implement the required procedures and answer any question as if it were ChatGPT.

Rabbit r1 won’t listen all the time, in fact, it will be necessary to press the side button to call this AI assistant. Technically, the interior has 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, USB-C port, SIM slot and rotary camera.

Rabbit r1 is the device that will accompany the smartphone. It is not a substitute for use, although it can act as an alternative because it is not necessary for a mobile phone to be in your hand so that, for example, you can play a song on Spotify.

The first units of Rabbit r1 are now on sale, although their arrival date will be during 2024. The price is $199 without freight costs. You can book from the official website where you can see the orange color, the only one available, in all its splendour.

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