The S24 Ultra is the most expensive and luxurious Samsung Galaxy phone in the world

Jan 24, 2024 | NEWS, GOOGLE

Caviar, a company that was established in 2011, produces customized luxury devices that blend technology with the finest and most expensive materials, such as gold, diamonds, emeralds, and many others. The brand unveiled its latest product, the S24 Ultra, which is the most expensive Galaxy phone ever, and has a 24-carat gold dragon on its back.

The S24 Ultra is the most expensive and luxurious Samsung Galaxy phone in the world.

If you are interested in learning more about this phone from the Galaxy S24 series, please read the article we have prepared.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra “Yong” is the most expensive version in the world because this model designed and distributed by Caviar is very exclusive and comes in a great design made of diamonds and gold. The company has announced that they will only be selling 24 units of this mobile phone model, which is priced at $15,790.

The phone is a 1TB version of Samsung Galaxy phone S24 Ultra and has no improvements in terms of functionality. The reason for its high price is the decorative elements that Caviar added to the outside of the device. Below, we will review in more detail all the luxury aspects of this mobile phone.

  • Body: Body parts cast from titanium with black PVD coating, such as the best Swiss watches.
  • Dragon: huge statue of Korean dragon, 24-carat gold plated from the back.
  • Hour: 24-carat gold frame with CVR ELT3350A turbine, a 19-stone manual movement.
  • Stars: The mobile phone is studded with three diamonds that symbolize a constellation of stars in honour of Samsung’s old logo.
  • Zodiac Circle: The clock also contains enamel zodiac marks on titanium with PVD coating.

We reviewed the price of the most expensive version, the Galaxy S24 Ultra phone with a storage capacity of 1TB. But it should also be noted that the same models can be found with a storage capacity of 256GB and 512GB at a slightly lower price.

That’s all now through our article about the most expensive Galaxy phone S24 Ultra ever, it has a 24-carat gold dragon. No doubt the mobile phone was made so that the rich could show their purchasing power.

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