Snapchat intends to unite Spotlight and Stories experience

Feb 27, 2024 | NEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA


Snapchat is taking a few steps this year to boost growth, including consolidating experience across Stories and Spotlight, improving advertising interactions across platforms, increasing interaction, and user growth in North America and Europe.

Snapchat intends to unite Spotlight and Stories experience

The social network launched Spotlight feature more than three years ago and has seen promising results.

The total time taken to watch Spotlight increased by 175 percent annually, and the average monthly active user increased by 35 percent annually.

Snapchat said it wanted to take advantage of things, such as ratings mechanisms and Spotlight’s recommendation engines and bring them to the Stories feature in order to increase interaction.

Snapchat wants to start by standardizing the user interface and navigating between Spotlight and Stories, although it recognizes that changes in core products like this may backfire.

“We believe that one of the frustrating things from a user experience perspective is that the user interface and navigation in Spotlight are different from the user interface and navigation in Stories,” the platform said.

Initial steps attempt to standardize the user interface and thus standardize mobility and verify that there are no negative secondary effects in different parts of the main products.

Snapchat’s efforts to integrate the Stories and Spotlight experience also relate to the fact that the social network seeks to offer better incentives to advertisers.

Snapchat noted that Spotlight includes 99 percent safe brand content, according to a third-party estimate.

Snapchat explained that it provides advertisers with access to a safe brand experience without paying a premium in exchange for avoiding harmful content as within other platforms.

Snapchat believes it can continue to offer these benefits to advertisers in this standardized experience, and that very high levels of brand security are a real distinction for it.

The platform also said it plans to spread insights from the use of My AI artificial intelligence chatbot in order to provide convenient and attractive ads to users.

In May 2023, Snapchat announced new advertising products for both Stories and Spotlight as well as the propaganda link feature of the artificial intelligence chatbot My AI.

Over the past few years, the platform has focused on developing the Android app for growth in emerging markets.

The platform is now ready to further develop iOS in order to attract more interaction from monetizable regions, such as North America and Europe.


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