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Jan 25, 2024 | NEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media news

Before implementing the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in March, Meta will make some substantial changes to services such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and the new social media network Threads that will change how they interact with each other.

The use of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Threads will undergo a complete and permanent change.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is anticipating that the law will come into effect on March 6. It follows in the footsteps of other tech giants such as Google, which announced at the beginning of the month that it would allow users to stop sharing data between services such as YouTube, Google Maps, Chrome, and the search engine.

End of linking Meta’s services

With these changes to comply with WFD regulations, Meta will give users in the EU, European Economic Area and Switzerland access to many of Meta’s services without sharing their data among themselves.

This means, for example, that we can use Facebook and Instagram as an independent messaging app for which it will not be necessary to have a Facebook account. It will also be possible to use Threads without the need for Instagram. Each application will become independent for these purposes.

If you have previously linked several Threads, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp services(social media news) , and there is an option to share cases or stories through them, you will now be able to cancel them.

The change applies not only to independent apps, but within Facebook’s own social network, users can also separate their Marketplace and Facebook Gaming accounts. Meta cautions that doing this may limit certain functions. When Marketplace is used without a Facebook account, buyers or sellers should be contacted through email instead of Messaging. Playing individual games is only possible for Facebook Gaming players who unlink their information from Facebook. The relevant services will begin to display notifications in the coming weeks to inform users of changes that will take place.
The Digital Market Act, which will be translated into the Digital Markets Act, will be enacted on March 6. Its aim is to foster competition and create equal opportunities for companies.

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