TikTok Rolls Out Apple Music and Spotify Integration Across 163 Countries

Feb 23, 2024 | NEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA

Tiktok New Update

The latest update from China’s TikTok app introduces an exciting feature, enabling users across 163 countries to incorporate songs and music from Apple Music and Spotify into their videos.

This global rollout encompasses a diverse range of nations, including but not limited to New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

Upon uploading a video, users can easily access the “Add Music” button situated below the clip’s description. From there, they have the option to select their preferred music service and seamlessly integrate tracks into their content. Additionally, users can customize their virtual music service preferences via the “Music” menu within the app’s settings.

Tiktok New Update

Tiktok New Update.TikTok Rolls Out Apple Music and Spotify

Tiktok New Update

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