Innovative Idea to Repurpose Your Old Computer


Used computers even old they are usually usefull !!!

If I come across you and help the word pintum4, what would be at stake in your mind? Indeed, you will remember that old-fashioned desktop computer that was a twist of its time, and we will not deny that it was credited with learning a lot of skills by being the first broker or by moving the only port of call to the Internet world. However, with the shift in means of communication from a significant development both at the level of performance and at the level of size suitability, this type of computer was gradually abandoned as rather heavy and restricted by the Office and could not change it.

Innovative Idea to Repurpose Your Old Computer

But here in this article I’ll think of some ideas that will revive old computers instead of letting them sprawl in a corner of the house. And you will also make it a great benefit to your home, and here if you are an information nerd, it will come to your mind what is meant by this article. And even if you’re not, maybe this will be the opportunity to take some ideas and turn them into a source that makes you some money… In order to clarify the idea and not go beyond the scope of the topic, we mean to exploit the computer as it is and not sell the sector of its neighbours.

Ideas that will help you exploit your old computer

Most informants know how powerful Linux operating systems are, being that Linux systems are the most efficient of Windows operating systems, So you find the biggest servers running Linux, and massage that this system has a strong and constant core compared to this Windows core on the one hand, Also as positive points, Linux systems have the ability to operate and exploit computer gear well even if it is old-fashioned This is the substance of our article for today is to run old computers with high efficiency and massage using Linux system, Now you can use the computer as a home server that protects your data and also protects your internet connection. An important issue must be clarified, however, that a course must be taken to be able to deal with Linux, and for most programmes, it will be free and open-source.

Innovative Idea to Repurpose Your Old Computer 2

Then if dear reader can build my home server here you will have the obsession in expanding and earning your skills, To acquire old computers from the scrap yard with an understatement and take spare parts to turn them into small servers and sell them to small shops, To infer that you fish two baths with one stone, the first being to earn a decent money and the second earning more experience in assembling spare parts and programming servers. And also you can list all this in a file for your own projects.

I know honey that ideas are starting to take their course, just take a little thought on the subject next to a cup of coffee… To find this idea is very good and also with the duration you will develop it for better.

Linux distros for old computers

You’ll ask me a question… Which operating system can operate old or used computers?

Here dear I will list you for Linux operating systems that can run old or used computers with respectable efficiency.

  • Puppy Linux Distro
  • Lubuntu Distro
  • Alpine Distro
  • Fedora versions 13 and 14 Distro
  • Ubuntu-10 Distro

These examples represent distributions proposed by the PROFESSIONAL Blogger, and it’s important to note that there are numerous other distributions available on the Internet. In conclusion, our goal is to offer you valuable information, and we look forward to hearing about your successful projects.

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