YouTube will not accept this AI-generated content from January 16.

Jan 10, 2024 | NEWS, AI, SOCIAL MEDIA

YouTube has announced that it is updating its policies to protect users from certain types of AI-generated content

Following the same line that YouTube showed during 2023, this update aims to remove all content that misuses artificial intelligence from the platform.

YouTube will not accept this AI-generated content from January 16.


During 2023, YouTube announced various updates to its policies for AI-generated content. For example, one requirement requires content creators to clarify when content that has been uploaded to the platform has been generated, in part or in whole, using artificial intelligence.

However, there are still many areas to cover as AI-powered content spreads on the platform. YouTube says:

On 16 January, we will begin removing content that realistically mimics deceased minors or victims of deadly or well-documented serious violence that describes their death or violence.

This update attempts to combat the trend among some creators of using artificial intelligence to “recreate” real crimes. They use disturbing strategies to tell these facts using artificial intelligence and push them on YouTube in order to disseminate content widely.

With this new update, YouTube wants to fight these deep counterfeits and remove them permanently from the platform. As a first measure, the video that violates this new policy will be deleted, and if the user receives a warning, they will not be able to temporarily lift the content or make the live stream.

Although this new policy has not yet entered into force, it will be effective from 16 January.