10 online money earning sites for beginners for 2024

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Websites to make money from performing tasks are an excellent option to generate income from home online in your free time. These platforms offer a variety of functions that don’t require much effort, simply stick to the schedule and get some skills. You can earn money by answering surveys, watching ads, writing audio and writing article reviews, among other things.

We have selected you the top 10 online money earning sites for beginners for 2024

The tasks you can find are numerous and many of these platforms value individual work. It is ideal for those beginners who want to earn income without the need for experience. The best thing is that the tasks are voluntary, there are no binding contracts with the company or minimum time requirements.

There are different ways toç, you can do this through live streaming on social networks like TikTok or through mobile apps. Now, we show you these 10 pages to make money from performing tasks. It’s easy to use.

– TimeBucks:

We start our list with TimeBucks, which allows you to earn income by doing short and simple tasks such as surveys, watching promotional videos, clicking on links, subscribing to pages and more. The platform provides clear instructions for each task, making it easy to organize yourself without having to exert excessive effort. You can register on Facebook or using email.


We have selected you the top 10 online money earning sites for beginners for 2024 2

Payments are made immediately once the required minimum, which is currently set at $10, has been met. An additional feature of TimeBucks is a variety of available payment methods, including PayPal, AirTM, Payeer, Skrill, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and traditional bank cards. In addition, it offers you a $1 bonus for registration only.

– Clickworker :

It is a platform through which you can earn money from performing tasks in English and other languages. You don’t need to invest money, just spend a little time. Various tasks are available, such as translating texts, writing texts, classifying images, listening to and evaluating music, conducting surveys, among others.

A prominent advantage of this platform is that it makes specific payments through Paypal (worldwide) or bank transfer (in Europe). The minimum draw is $5, which anyone can achieve. Another positive aspect is that payments are made automatically every week.

-ySense :

Do you like short tasks? This platform focuses mainly on paid surveys, although it also has other tasks available. To start making money, you should register on their website, complete your profile and check your account daily to check the availability of surveys. Depending on the day, you may receive between 2 and 20 surveys to complete them.

In this platform, the minimum payment varies depending on the method chosen, for example, for shipping through Skrill, the minimum is $5, while for Paypal it is $10. In addition, you make payments on average from 2 to 7 working days.

– Rocket GPT

It is a website where you can collect points called Astros by doing different tasks such as surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, completing shows and trying games. These points can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, including checks, gift cards and cash by Paypal or AirTM.

The minimum draw and prizes available may vary by country. There is also a system, where you can get commissions of 10% of the profits of those you invited from Tier One and 3% of Tier Two guests.


It is a popular online rewards program that allows you to earn points by completing various tasks such as surveys, watching videos, playing games or shopping online. You can exchange these points for gift cards from stores like Amazon and Target, or for cash through Paypal.

The site has a variety of tasks available, and offers a referral program to earn additional points. The best thing is that if you can earn 300 points a month, you will be given an extra 300 points in the early days of the following month. Keep in mind that the email you register with in Swagbucks should be the same as Paypal.

Gift Hunter Club

This is a Spanish language page to make money by doing simple tasks and functions on the Internet. Gift Hunter Club (GHC) offers daily questionnaires available to users, as well as the ability to earn money by watching videos through the Android app. In addition, GHC organizes monthly contests with awards for the most active users.

We have selected you the top 10 online money earning sites for beginners for 2024 3

King of Prizes accepts payments via Paypal, Amazon and AirTM gift cards, with more than 250 gift coupons available. It also has a first-class referral system available to users from all over the world. It is a dynamic and versatile platform to make money by doing tasks.

– PointsPrizes

Another GPT platform offers multiple ways to earn money and redeem points for awards. Through paid tasks, you can collect points by watching ads, downloading apps, completing surveys and even playing games. In addition, the platform offers free coupons that you can find on social networks or blogs, which allow you to earn up to 500 points ($3).

It also has a first-class referral system, earning 10% of your total referral profits. Prizes include PayPal and Amazon and Bitcoin gift cards. There are no geographical limitations to the platform, so it is available to all countries of the world.

– InstaGC :

If you are looking for a reliable platform, you should try InstaGC, owned by Day Online Solutions, which was founded in 2011. They allow you to earn gift cards and money by doing different tasks such as paid surveys, downloading apps and displaying ads. It also provides an unlimited referral system that provides 10% of each referral’s profits.

The platform makes payments through Paypal and gift cards from different companies, by country. The main ways to make money on InstaGC is to complete tasks, conduct surveys and watch videos. The minimum draw is 100 points ($1) and instant payments, except for the down payment which may take a few days.

– SuperPay.Me

We end with SuperPay.Me, a platform where you can earn money, albeit in small amounts. The advantage is that it has a very low minimum payment and proves to be reliable. They provide different ways to make money and points, such as paid surveys, paid offers and referral program, among others. Points received are converted into funds.

In addition, you are offered a $0.20 welcome gift as a new user when you sign up. Once you reach $1, you will be able to request payment via Paypal. For every friend you transfer, you will get 25% of their profits. SuperPay.Me also accepts users from all countries.

– King of Prizes :

We seal this platform that provides different ways to make money. Although relatively new, it has shown its potential since its launch in 2019. It belongs to the same Gift Hunter Club creators and has a cashback system, paid polls, display wall, paid assignments and clicks on ads as ways to make money.

The platform offers payments via gift cards, Paypal, Amazon and AirTM, with more than 250 gift vouchers available. It also has a first-class referral system available to users from all over the world. It is a dynamic and versatile platform to make money by doing tasks.