9 Websites to find remote jobs

Jan 3, 2024 | NEWS, MAKE MONEY, WEBSITES | 0 comments


The dollar is a fairly important currency around the world, and in some countries there can be a big difference between getting paid in dollars and getting paid in local currency.

9 websites to find remote jobs

Many people therefore seek to work in companies that allow remote work, companies from other countries that pay dollars (or euros) and allow them to continue living in their own country, thereby obtaining a significant salary advantage.

I leave you today with a list of websites you can check to find work of this kind:

– TextBroker

It is a platform for independent writers that provides remote writing opportunities. Authors can register and submit their articles and get a 2 to 4 star rating that determines the level of payment per word. The platform specializes in a variety of content, including product descriptions, blogs, research articles and translations in 36 languages. Payment is made weekly through Paypal. The site is ideal for writers looking for a reliable source of income.

– Toptotal

It is an exclusive network connecting highly qualified freelancers to remote jobs in leading companies. They specialize in software development, design, finance and product and project management. Toptal is characterized by choosing only the best 3% of freelancers, thereby ensuring high quality. The platform is used by well-known companies for important projects. They provide a flexible and fast recruitment process, with a high success rate in selecting talent suited to specific needs.

-Authentic Jobs

It is a leading job panel for designers, developers and creative professionals. Used by globally recognized companies to search for people they want to work with, it provides jobs in categories such as artificial intelligence, background engineering, text writing, customer support, design, front engineering, marketing, product management and sales. Users can search for full-time, independent, internship, and part-time jobs. This site is ideal for professionals in technology and creative design.

– Dribble

It is a vibrant community and platform for creators, showcasing their work and communicating with clients looking for full-time or independent remote talent. The site is popular with graphic designers, painters and other creative professionals, offering a wide range of work opportunities from home. In addition to job offers, Dribbble is a source of inspiration for design and learning.

– Hubstaff Talent

It is a free platform that connects companies with distant talents around the world. It offers independent profiles in different categories such as development, marketing, design, writing and administrative support. Employers can post jobs for free and search for freelance profiles, while freelancers can create free profiles and search for jobs.


It is one of the largest and most popular job search platforms, offering a wide range of remote roles in many areas. It is known for its extensive database of job offers and for being a valuable tool for both job seekers and employers. The platform allows users to filter searches by location, type of function and sector, making it easier to find remote work opportunities.

– Himalayas

It is a remote job search platform that provides a variety of opportunities in prominent companies. Users can browse thousands of job ads using custom filters and discover the best remote companies, their technology and employee benefits. In addition, it provides tools for employers to find remote talent and promote the employer’s brand. The site also provides resources and advice on remote work.

– Working Nomads

It is a functionality portal focusing on the remote functionality of the “digital Bedouin”. It offers a wide range of job categories, including management, development, design, education, finance, human resources and marketing. Users can sign up to receive job alerts and browse job opportunities worldwide. It is ideal for professionals looking for flexibility and opportunity to work from anywhere.


Formerly known as AngelList Talent, it is a startup job search platform. Offers unique jobs in startups and technology companies that are not located elsewhere. The platform allows candidates to apply easily without cover letters and access details such as salary and stock options in advance. Start-up founders can also communicate directly with candidates, without intermediaries.