YouTube offers a new and fast way to earn from short videos YouTube Short

Jan 3, 2024 | NEWS, MAKE MONEY, SOCIAL MEDIA | 0 comments

Social networks have long been no longer just simple showcases of rosy life. Now they are real business tools and there are more and more platforms joining this wave.

new and fast way to earn from Utube shorts

We learned last year that TikTok was considering allowing purchases within its app. The test began last week, but may be overtaken by one of his competitors in the last corner. YouTube Short already integrates purchases into its features, as well as other more trade-related innovations.

Through an article published by Financial Times (FT), we know that YouTube tests many marketing tools on YouTube Short. Google’s short video platform will offer purchase articles directly from posts, but will also add affiliate marketing.

These purchases are tested through YouTube Short in the United States, India, Brazil, Canada and Australia. According to FT, the function has been activated for many content creators, allowing them to tag their products and sell them directly from their videos.

Similarly, the commission marketing program has been activated for some influencers within the United States. It works as another way to monetize, as it allows you to include affiliate purchase links in YouTube Short. When the user clicks on the link and buys the item, both the creator and the dealer will get a portion of the sale.

YouTube has not made an official statement about the launch of this new feature, so we can imagine it is in the testing phase. However, we are not surprised that they decided to make this move. Online shopping is a market in clear growth and every day there are more social platforms that refer to e-commerce.