A great game that you don’t need to install in which you will spend long hours

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IIf you are looking for a game to spend time with your family or friends during these holidays, you can consider this alternative. This is a free game that asks you to guess which part of the world corresponds to the scene. A fun way to learn about different cities in the world.

a very great game that you don't need to install in which you will spend long hours

Although it’s not a new proposition, since this site has been online for a while, Exlordle offers you a very simple and entertaining way to learn about different places in the world.

A free game you can share with your friends or family during these holidays. You don’t need to create an account or log in.

The game offers you a short video from somewhere in the world, and you need to indicate its location. However, the way he chooses the videos he shows you and how to determine your response is different.

For example, if you choose “Menu”, it allows you to choose the continent or country or if you prefer monuments. On the other hand, if you choose Random or Daily Adventure, you’ll get some extra help to get to know where it’s shown in the video.

a very great game that you dont need to install in which you will spend long hours2

It’s a simple and fast dynamic to discover new places or challenge yourself to see how well you know the world. If you are playing within a group, each one can show their knowledge and add points as they match the places shown in the video.

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