Apple Amazon Deal: Remove competitors ads from iPhones, iPads, MacBook and other products

Jan 9, 2024 | NEWS, APPLE | 0 comments

Apple Amazon Deal:

Apple has made an agreement with Amazon to remove competitors’ ads from its product pages, according to a report published by Insider.

Apple has struck a deal with Amazon to remove competitors' ads from the pages of iPhones, iPads, MacBook and other products

The agreement cleans search results and product pages for Apple devices, making them less large than advertising compared to competitors.
Amazon also reduces the amount of ads at the top and bottom of search results, but it still shows competitors’ products.

The deal refers to reducing the number of ads in Apple’s product pages, and preventing competing ads in search results. Apple product pages appear with a relatively ad-free appearance, and ads for related or highly rated products are prevented from appearing.
According to Insider’s report, these ad-free pages date back to a previous agreement in 2018 between Apple and Amazon regarding the sale of Apple products on the platform.

Jeff Wilk, former head of retail at Amazon, also points out that this agreement comes to fulfill Apple’s wishes to reduce competing advertising.
Apple confirms the deal with Amazon, but it is not clearly understood whether Apple is compensating Amazon for advertising space or the amount paid.
An electronic report also indicates that Apple must buy these locations or reimburse Amazon for lost advertising revenues.

Unwanted ads by Amazon in its marketplace are part of the FTC’s accusations in its antitrust lawsuit against the company, pointing to its large earnings from ads despite a decline in customer service quality.

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