Error in iOS 17.2.1 causes communication problems.. That’s how you can fix it.

Jan 3, 2024 | NEWS, APPLE | 0 comments

Apple released the final version of iOS 17.2.1 a few weeks ago with the aim of correcting some overlooked errors after the launch of iOS 17.2, a version that came with many interesting new features such as the new Diary app, new app tools, watch and weather apps, as well as improvements to Apple Music and messaging app.

Error in iOS 17.2.1 causes communication problems.. That's how you can fix it.

Since its launch, many users have reported an issue that leaves them unable to connect to their operators’ mobile network and Internet service providers. As we have said, these holidays have solutions that can be pursued to fix them.

If you are a user with connectivity issues and want to solve them, there are a series of tips you can follow if you have iOS 17.2.1 version installed on your iPhone:

– Delete VPN profiles: Many users who report this error claim that this solves the problem. To do this, you will have to do the following: go to Settings > General > VPN, manage devices and delete VPN profiles from the Information Button (i).

– iPhone reset: Although it’s the most boring solution, it’s usually the one that fits everything. However, resetting your iPhone may be the last option if nothing works.

– Delete content and settings: Another solution in the same but less boring direction is to delete content and settings from iPhone. To do this: Settings > General > Reset > Clear Content and Settings.

– Install the beta version of iOS 17.3: The other solution is to install the first beta version of iOS 17.3, as it seems that this error was not seen in it.

If the attempts above are seen to have failed, Apple must be already aware of the problem and working to find a solution to it. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a new update before the final version of iOS 17.3 is released at the end of the month, which will include a new anti-theft system for iPhone and Apple Music.