iOS 18, Apple intends to make sweeping changes to the upcoming system

Jan 8, 2024 | NEWS, APPLE | 0 comments

iOS 18

Apple intends to make significant updates to iOS 18 for iPhones, according to a recent report from US agency Bloomberg.

iOS 18

The upcoming version is also expected to include significant improvements in design and performance, as well as new features that enhance security and give the system an ambitious and revolutionary character, which comes after a period of simple relative updates in previous versions of iOS.
The Bloomberg report also sees Apple rely on iOS 18 to drive iPhone 16 sales next year, with iOS 14, released in 2020, the latest major update to the iPhone phone system, and one of its highlights was supporting the addition of Widget tools to the home screen.

Although no specific advantages of iOS 18 have been revealed in the report, it suggests that Apple relies heavily on AI-based advantages and developing large language models internally, focusing on improving and updating SIRI’s personal assistant.
In another development, another Bloomberg report revealed that Apple faced problems and errors in its new systems, including iOS 18, which temporarily suspended the development of some new features.