PHOTERA .. New game on browser to guess dates of photos

Jan 7, 2024 | NEWS, GAMES | 0 comments


Photera is a web app that interest photography lovers and history lovers. Photera’s suggestion is simple but captivating: a picture is displayed to you and the challenge you will face is to guess the year in which it was taken.

PHOTERA .. New game on browser to guess dates of photos

The game consists of five rounds, where you have to move the slider to the year you consider it correct. Accuracy is key: the closer your guess is to the actual date of taking photos, the more points you collect. You can get up to 100 points per perfect match, which means the perfect game adds up to a total of 500 points.

Photera includes details such as the ability to enlarge images, which is necessary to discover hidden evidence. After each round, not only is the correct answer revealed, but a description of the image is also provided, adding historical context and enriching the player’s learning.

PHOTERA . New game on browser to guess dates of photos2

The events presented in the game were carefully selected, seeking to balance historical significance with image quality and diversity. It is interesting to note that the game is updated daily with random events, ensuring an ever-renewed experience.

The key to success in Photera to guess the history of images lies in observation and knowledge. It is important to pay attention to details such as clothing, visual technology and the environment in photos. Playing with friends can be a great way to improve and learn from each other’s perspectives.