China’s smart cars cause concern in Washington

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China Smart Cars

The United States has announced an investigation into smart cars manufactured in China and other unnamed countries of concern.

China's smart cars cause concern in Washington

The Biden administration notes that smart cars are constantly connected to drivers’ phones, other vehicles, U.S. infrastructure and manufacturers, and that modern models use technology, such as driver assistance systems.

“Connected vehicles collect large amounts of sensitive data on their drivers and passengers, use their cameras and sensors regularly to record detailed information on U.S. infrastructure, interact directly with critical infrastructure, and can be driven or disabled remotely,” the White House said in a statement.

Officials are concerned that new vulnerabilities and threats from connected vehicles may arise if foreign Governments have access to data and are concerned that the States concerned may use such information in ways that endanger national security.

The Department of Commerce is leading the investigation. Trade Minister Gina Raimondo said: “We need to understand the extent of the technology in these cars that can all large amounts of data or disable or remotely handle connected vehicles, so we are asking for information to determine whether action should be taken under ICT and service powers.”

The Department of Commerce requests public feedback to help identify techniques and market participants who may be suitable for regulation. The investigation assists the Ministry of Commerce in deciding whether or not to take action.

The White House said it was the first time the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security had conducted an investigation under Trump’s executive orders focusing on protecting domestic ICT and service supply chains from threats to national security.

President Joe Biden said: “China intends to dominate the future of the auto market by using unfair practices. Chinese policies can flood our market with their vehicles, which is dangerous to our national security, and I will not allow this to happen in my era. “

“Chinese smart vehicles can collect sensitive data about our citizens and infrastructure and send this data to China, and these vehicles can be accessed remotely or disabled.”

Cars made in China are not yet common in the United States, although they have become a familiar sight in other markets, such as Europe. The investigation focuses on the cameras, software and sensors of electric vehicles.

This is not the first time the United States has investigated Chinese companies over concerns that they are considered security risks to the country’s infrastructure.

A few years ago, the United States blocked the import and sale of telecommunications network equipment manufactured by Huawei and ZTE, after government employees blocked the use of the companies’ phones.

The US government has also demanded telecommunications companies remove Huawei and ZTE equipment and replace it in existing infrastructure at a significant cost.

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