Fae Farm

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Fae Farm

The comforting simulation game Fae Farm will allow you to grow crops and make friends
Phoenix Labs’ Fae Farm is comforting, growing fruit and vegetables, building a fruit and setting off on adventures both alone and with others. The multiplayer system is part of the design philosophy of Dauntless developers, and they have designed a magic farming game to enhance people’s closeness. You can invite up to three friends to your farm to enjoy everything Azoria offers.

Fae Farm

Phoenix Labs game director Isaac Ip stated “It’s a fundamental trend for Phoenix Labs to make their games multiplayer. Playing with friends and family is a real gift and can create the best gameplay experiences, and we did this with this game as well. Being able to relax in bachelorette or design a set of decorations for homes is great, so the next time you play together you’ll have new things to enjoy with your loved ones. “

First, you have to build your house. Players can design every part of the farm, both inside and outside. Many customization options also allow them to convert abstract single wood into a house filled with thick carpets, sofas and floral gramophones. Turning bachelorette into a comfortable place is not just an aesthetic option. There are also benefits, as explained by IP.

He added, “While some things can be designed and decorated by players with fun beauty items, others that are ‘comfort’ purposes give players enormous advantages. In our ‘comfort’ system, the more comfortable your home, the better you feel. This appears in Fae Farm by giving players better health, energy and power statistics (larger tapes), and they recover those statistics after they wake up in that comfortable house the next day. “

Agriculture includes the selection of plots, equipment, manufacturing plants to be used and more. To keep the game cool, IP promises complex systems as players want.

Fae Farm

Ip explains, “A lot of systems in Fae Farm can go a lot deeper. But it’s in the player’s hands as to how much he wants to go deeper. We slowly reveal complexities, so that players can feel intuitively controlled. I also think that the pace of agriculture, as it is based on the progress of time within the game, naturally creates a pace and rhythm that helps to keep it comfortable. We also have fun magical interactions that the player will learn and acquire as he progresses in the game, which makes the farming experience a lot faster and adds more seamlessness and pleasure in terms of the playing experience. “

You can at any time invite a friend or group of friends to visit, this includes sending them a letter (in-game). They will receive a welcome package of tools and spells to make sure they are at the right level to enter your world and see your amazing work. The game puts collaborative players at almost the same level as hosts. Together you can make, refine, design, agriculture, harvest, dress, explore and more.

IP said, “All key tasks are common. So you can enjoy these rhythms together. Any progress in skill such as animal welfare or farming is individual, so each player will enjoy discoveries without being spoiled. “

fae farm

Azoria’s vast world has the most fearsome place to be: the crypt. They are packed with spoils and worth exploring, but even these places can be visited according to the player’s preferences.

Ip acknowledged, “The crabs can look scary, but we’ve done a lot to ensure that the eccentric and absurd enemies show up instead of being reluctant or scary. And then there are doses and spells that players can make and learn, which will make harvesting resources in the disorders not a threat at all. If a player wants to make a set of “Gone Potions” or buy them from a doctor, they can go off and harvest jewels and stones without having to engage in combat. In many aspects of the game we have tried to give a lot of flexibility, so that players can play as they wish and not according to the vision of the designer to play. “

With nothing else preventing players from expressing themselves, the collective aspect is something that can be developed according to players’ skills and preferences. IP added, “One of the fun things that happened during the development in the play test was to conduct a group of animators to test long-form collaborative play together. One of the animators loves cooking very much. So the group once returned to their common party, finding him fencing around all the cooking stations and asking to be the only person allowed to cook. Then he started spending days farming, harvesting, preparing doses, food, drink and whatever other players might need to do their activities during the day. That was so beautiful. But I repeat it again, at the end of the day, it’s up to the players all the time to decide either to face the challenges together or to play in a divisive manner. “

For individual players, you have a lot to do. The world is filled with characters that cannot be played to interact with. literally sometimes.

IP said, “We have a great group of characters that can’t be played with. Such as vendors, residents, wildlife, magical beings, Fae Realm residents, some of whom affect the story greatly or just fill the world. Some provide important services, others offer opportunities for friendship and others can communicate with them by dating or going out on dates, and eventually marrying. “

Fae Farm

Embark on your ship and set sail to Azoria, there’s a whole magical world waiting for you!


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