Yofan :Discover Secret Profit from Photos

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Yofan is a great platform that enables users to profit by posting photos and taking advantage of AdSense ads.

Yofan is an ideal digital environment for photographers who want to turn their passion for photography into an opportunity to increase income.

Yofan :Discover Secret Profit from Photos

When using YoFan, photographers can upload their photos on the platform and display them to an audience interested in photography.
They can appropriately classify and label images to enhance image visibility and improve opportunities to attract users and potential buyers.

An important aspect of YoFan’s profit is the possibility to take advantage of AdSense ads.

When users visit the platform and display images, targeted ads from Google AdSense are displayed.

When users click on these ads, the photographer gets additional income from these clicks.

AdSense ads are based on users’ personal interests and preferences, increasing the likelihood of increased clicks and thus increased profit.

Ads that display users are determined based on their behavior and interests, making ads more effective and less annoying for users.

How to create an account on the Yofan platform

Yofan -Discover Secret Profit from Photos

To create an account on the YoFan platform, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the YoFan website online.
  • Click on the “Create Account” or “Sign Up” button on the homepage.
  • A form to register will pop up- enter your full name, email and password.
  • Please choose a name for your YoFan account with a cool meaning but cannot be your real name or a company’s name.Please choose a name for your YoFan account seemingly matched with your creative field or your real name.
  • You might be asked to read over and agree to the terms of use and/or privacy policy of the platform. Check the information and agree with the rules and click on the OK button.
  • You will next be asked for the necessary information and, after you have entered the data, you can go ahead and click ‘Create Account’ or ‘Register’ to finish the registration process.
  • You should get an email with info to activate your account at the email you registered with.
  • Please follow the instructions in that email.
  • Once you’re verified, you can sign into your YoFan account, fill out your profile, upload your pictures, and start the process of monetising your platform through the available advertising and marketing opportunities.

Don’t forget to use the email and password that you created to set up your profile, when you do.

Having finished the process of registed in the YoFan platform and login to your account, you are free to make use of features and tool that have been given to you as a user of the platform.

The conditions important to fulfill the earnings necessities on YoFan

To start earning from YoFan, you should add 30 one-of-a-kind or copyright-loose pix for your account. These snap shots should be of high first-rate and stand out with excellence and authenticity. If you don’t have your very own snap shots, you can find web sites on line that provide copyright-free snap shots that you can use on YoFan. Please make sure to examine and understand the phrases of use of those pictures and ensure that they are allowed for use for commercial functions.

After uploading the pictures, you’ll want to draw 10,000 views in your photos for your YoFan account. You can acquire this with the aid of imposing numerous advertising and advertising and marketing techniques, which include sharing photo hyperlinks on social media, engaging the audience in discussions about the pics, and providing engaging content material targeting the intended audience to advantage more publicity and perspectives. Promote your account: Use social media and other social networks to sell your YoFan account.

Share hyperlinks to your pix and achievement memories on diverse social networks and invite the target market to go to your account and buy snap shots. You ought to take powerful measures to meet this requirement and growth the variety of perspectives, so that you can make a contribution to increasing profit opportunities and attracting greater clients and consumers on YoFan.

How to reap the requirement of 10,000 perspectives at the YoFan platform

After importing 30 or more pictures on YoFan, any visit for your profile is counted as 30 visits, irrespective of the quantity of pics in your account.

To expedite the process of accomplishing 10,000 views, you can comply with a easy method. Upload as many pics as viable to your account, then begin surfing your profile and time and again touring the available pictures.

Each time you carry out this procedure, visits are counted consistent with the wide variety of uploaded photos. For instance, if you upload 100 snap shots, each visit for your profile is counted as a hundred perspectives.

By the usage of this approach, you will observe that YoFan’s requirement to reach 10,000 views is achieving this number across all pix in widespread, now not the unique visit remember. This makes it simpler to satisfy this requirement by way of following a easy marketing method, permitting you to without difficulty obtain the required wide variety of views.

Websites for downloading copyright-free images:

  1. Pexels website
  2. StockSnap.io website
  3. Pixabay website
  4. Free Images website
  5. Foter website
  6. SplitShare website
  7. Creative Commons website
  8. Getty Images website
  9. Unsplash website
  10. Burst website

Linking your YoFan account to Google AdSense:

You can link your YoFan account on your Google AdSense account to earn revenue thru AdSense commercials. Here are the fundamental steps to link the two bills:
Ensure you have an lively account on YoFan and a Google AdSense account.
If you don’t have a Google AdSense account but, create and installation an AdSense account at the legit AdSense website.

Log in to your YoFan account and navigate to the account settings phase.
Look for the choice to link with Google AdSense. It can be observed within the earnings segment or settings associated with advertisements.
Follow the supplied commands to hyperlink your YoFan account to your Google AdSense account. You may be asked to log in on your Google AdSense account and grant YoFan access for your account records.


Once the linking system is complete, AdSense ads might be activated in your YoFan profile web page.
Targeted commercials relevant for your content will be displayed, and you will be compensated while traffic click on on those advertisements.
Please be aware that there can be additional requirements or situations for linking your YoFan account for your Google AdSense account, and these requirements may range relying on YoFan’s coverage and the modern Google AdSense coverage.
Therefore, you need to review the official suggestions and necessities of each platform and make sure compliance to well hyperlink your bills and attain the favored sales

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