9 Android apps to make money

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There are many who decide to search the Internet for a way to generate income. Some choose to use professional and advanced methods, others look for beginners’ websites for profit, for example by conducting online polls. But the answer is often not on the Internet but in the form of an application

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In the Google Play Store we can find a large number of apps that allow us to earn some extra money by answering questionnaires. Below we have selected those that may be the most interesting.

This is an Android money-making app that has the most followers. It’s not in vain to have more than a million downloads from users who have been able to get completely acceptable amounts of money by answering surveys. All you have to do is answer questions about different topics for small amounts of money, which will increase the more you use the app. It also has options to access referral links or advertising videos for your website for money. This won’t make you a millionaire, but it might be a good option to get extra money.

In this app you can earn extra income simply by answering questionnaires on different topics. To do this, simply download it and register, and start answering the questions before us.

Once you answer the questionnaires, there are different options to receive your reward. Usually, the app pays through Paypal, but by answering some questions we can also get gift cards from Amazon, Netflix, Xbox, Google Play or iTunes. This way, you can get your money the way you will better use it.

This app, in the same way as previous apps, allows you to earn money by answering questionnaires on different topics.

One of the main advantages of choosing this option is that the payment thresholds are very low. This means you won’t have to accumulate a large amount of money to be able to transfer the balance you’ve earned through the app to your account. Payment is made through Paypal, a fairly global platform, so you won’t have any problems collecting what you’ve created, being able to use it to buy or transfer it to your bank account.

This app allows you to answer different questionnaires in exchange for money for your Paypal account or gift cards.

The only thing you need to do is register and start giving your opinion on the different topics they suggest to you. The amounts of money earned are not very large, but they can be useful in some of the basics of life. Additionally, you can now find a 10 euro free bonus just for being a new subscriber.

This app has an important advantage compared to other apps that belong to the same method that you don’t have to wait to receive your rewards. For every survey you do you will get one dollar. You can transfer it to your bank account whenever you want, without having to wait until you have minimal money to do so.

In addition, the surveys you have to answer will not be too heavy either, as they are determined based on your profile. These advantages made it one of the most used applications for solving surveys, downloading more than 10 million.

In this app you have two different ways to make some money. On the one hand, you have the option to answer paid questionnaires, more or less in the way of the rest of the apps we talked about in this article. But on the other hand, you’ll have access to different websites and apps to share, so brands can figure out what they’re doing. You can order payment through Paypal or gift cards.

This app allows you to respond to surveys related to 20 different categories every day. These are usually not only polls on different brands, but also more general questions about your lifestyle.

As you answer questions, you’ll earn points, which you can later replace with gift cards to buy in different online stores (mainly Amazon) or donate to charitable causes. Through it you will not be able to get money yourself, but you will be able to make cheaper purchases or be supportive of others.

This app pays us to respond to surveys proposed by its various affiliates. We can withdraw our money anytime to our Paypal account or wait to collect enough to get a gift card.

The prices paid by the app are not too high, but they are enough to get an extra amount. The first survey will be a payment of just under one dollar, after which the amount will decrease, so we will have to participate a lot to get a good amount.

Finally, this app is very similar to the previous one, allowing us to get money for responding to surveys proposed by different companies. There are some who pay less than $1, but we can also find surveys that pay a little higher and you only get up to $ 2-3 for answering a questionnaire that will take no more than a few seconds. We will be able to withdraw our money whenever we want, without having to wait for a specific number.

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