You can now make money easily using TEMU.. This way you can earn thousands of dollars a month

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TEMU has already become one of the most popular online stores right now, and its Android and iOS apps occupy the highest positions in the list of the most downloaded apps every month. Its vast catalogue of low-price products has led it to become one of the most popular platforms among users. However, most do not know that they can also earn money from TEMU without any effort.

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The platform has an open-ended affiliate program, which allows you to monetize with minimal effort. We’ll tell you what it is and how it is used and how you can sign up now to start earning amounts that can be up to $100,000 a month.

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– What is TEMU Partnership Program?

You’ve probably shared the TEMU product link more than once with a friend or family member. If you have signed up for the Affiliate Program, and if the person you shared the link with has purchased the product, you can get a commission on the purchase.

But that’s not all. The platform also provides other ways to earn money through its affiliate partners program. There are currently four different ways to earn income thanks to this program:

  • For app downloads: If someone downloads the TEMU app using your referral link, you will earn a $5 bonus. In addition, you will receive a 30% commission for each purchase you make within the next 30 days to download the app.
  • For each purchase: Every purchase made through your referral link has a commission attached to it. Commission can be up to 30% in case of orders exceeding $100.
  • By inviting other people to the program: If you want other people to benefit from the benefits of the TEMU affiliate program, you can invite them to join. If you do, you will receive a 20% secondary commission for new CMPs.
  • Being one of the best affiliates: TEMU has a leaderboard that brings together the top 50 affiliates. Those who have made the most profits in the last three days can receive an additional cash bonus.

– How much money can you earn through TEMU’s referral program?

With all these ways to make money effortlessly, getting a bonus by recommending products you love has become much easier. But what numbers are we really talking about?

Everything will depend on the type of TEMU purchases made by those people you share your affiliate links with. Depending on the amount of each order, you will receive a commission or other:

  • For purchases between $0.00 and $49.99: 10% commission
  • For purchases between $50 and $99.99: 20% commission
  • For purchases above USD 100:30% commission

We must add to these commissions the remainder of the rewards we mentioned in the preceding section. Therefore, there is really no real limit to the amount of money you can get thanks to the TEMU partnership program, and income can reach $100,000 per month.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that TEMU Affiliate has some advantages compared to those on other platforms. Not only the commissions are higher, but also, since TEMU is a global trader available in a large number of countries, you can reach a larger audience.

Once you have the money, you can withdraw it to your Paypal account. To do this, you simply have to exceed $20 and will show you a window indicating the possibility of getting money.

  • How to subscribe

If I convince you, this is the time to sign up for TEMU’s affiliate program. Doing this can’t be easier.

All you need to do is access the partnership program page from the link below and log in or create an account. Once you do this, you will get your referral link and code with $3 when you sign up.


make money using TEMU 3

This link is one you should share with your friends, family or audience when recommending products. When they purchase at TEMU through your link, you will receive a commission.

And if you also decide to sign up now, you won’t just get the chance to start making money. You will also be able to avail the 30% discount code on your purchases using the code aay98665.


make money using TEMU 4

Here is the link to begin with Temu


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