Top 5 applications for additional income of money and payment will be via Paypal

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Do you need extra income, but don’t have time to do any kind of part-time work? Well, if you usually use your mobile device for at least two or three hours a day, you should look at the apps that pay you to perform different types of tasks (usually you pay through Paypal).

Top 5 applications for additional income of money and payment will be via Paypal

We have taken the trouble of testing more than 15 apps to see which ones actually pay, so all you have to do is keep reading our article. We will show you what these apps are, plus what they will ask you to do to withdraw the resulting balance through Paypal.

Before we show you the relevant apps, it is necessary to create a Paypal account, as it only allows you to withdraw the resulting balance from the said payment platform. Also, you should check the Paypal account, what does that mean? You will have to add a bank card to avoid problems upon receipt of funds.

Note: These apps for beginners who want to earn extra income, you will not wait to live from these apps, as there is certainly no app that pays large amounts, except in an enclosure you have a number of referrals.

A secure, reliable and above all easy to use app, it is one of the best existing apps to make money with your mobile phone. Through it, you will be able to complete questionnaires, play video games, watch product videos, and carry hundreds of ads, methods that will allow you to raise money so you can exchange it for real money.

When you create an account within SwagBucks, the platform will tell you that the aim of the app is to help large companies figure out what the result can be for the products they plan to launch in the market. Thanks to your opinion, these companies will have access to real information for a few dollars.

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Once downloaded and installed on your mobile device, you must reach a certain amount of “cashback” to be able to exchange it for money through your Paypal account.

Do you need an app that motivates you to walk and exercise daily? If your answer is “yes,” and the only thing that motivates you in life is to make money, you should look at Sweatcoin Pedometer.

It’s one of the most popular apps when it comes to money-making tools using your mobile device. His work depends on delivering the dollar via Paypal according to the number of steps you make daily.

5top applications to earn extra income44

Basically, the more I walk all day, the more money I earn. Of course, in order to withdraw the money you earned to your Paypal account, you should pay attention to this payment method, where it is activated several times a month.

If you usually spend a large portion of the day using your mobile phone and want to make the most of it to earn a few extra dollars, Cash App is undoubtedly the app you should install on your phone.

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By doing different kinds of daily activities, ranging from playing video games, answering questionnaires and watching videos, you can earn money and later drag it into your Paypal account.

It should be noted that the more you use the app, the more money you can earn, as the Cash App rewards users who use it for at least 2 to 3 hours a day.

Do you make the same journey every day with your car? If you want to earn a few dollars when you go to work with your car, this app will give you the possibility to become a kind of Uber.

By sharing your car with other people, who must also install the app, you can earn money and withdraw it later via Paypal.

Running it is very simple: once you tell the app which route you’re going to take, users who need to move to a certain point (which is within the path you’re going to take) will appear. If you can convince many people to travel with you, BlaBlaCar will give you money for your service.

If you enjoy reading news from your mobile device, Cashzine is one of the apps you should install. It allows you to earn money for reading, commenting on and sharing local and international articles with your friends.

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Among the dozens of advantages is enhancing the habit of reading while staying abreast of events taking place around you. Of course, it is necessary to clarify that in order to withdraw the balance you have generated, you must have a certain number of referrals (you must invite other people to use the app).

Without adding more in this regard, we should make it clear that these apps to make money using your mobile phone are also available on iOS. If you have an iPhone, you can find them by writing their names in the App Store.

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